Saturday, 27 July 2013

A return to this blog?

Ahoy there guess who tried to take his blog to wordpress and then didn't really understand wordpress and then got distracted.....

Ahem, yes that would be me!

How are you all?

To say sorry here are lots of lovely photographs of things I have been making.

I will be back properly soon.

Promise xx


  1. Hello from Greece.These stones from glass looks beautiful.I saw another greations from your work,in your blog.I saw also a rocket you made.I am working in polymer clay a little by my self too.I was wonder what kind of material is this,and what's the diferent of polymer clay?bcs i didnt know it can really happent to paint with acryliks colors and after bake the project.sorry for my english.Good success to your work.

  2. Hi there Tizitas!

    My apologies for the slow response.

    Some of the cabochons here are made from fused glass in my kiln, which is a high heat process.

    To get a glass like effect on your polymer clay pieces, you can paint a cured piece of clay with liquid clay and then cure it again. After it has cooled down gently heat it with a heatgun to bring the liquid up to a glass like shine!

    No need to apologise for your english, it is absolutely great! :)

    Hope all of your craft projects are going really well xx

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