Monday, 2 July 2012

The Mushroom Village

So, I was walking in the woods at Alfred's Tower, doing some mental defragging and I stumbled upon this delightful cluster of fungi.

 I have dubbed it the 'Mushroom Village' and to me it looks like little huts built out of the side of the tree and I am sure it will be featuring in a short story sometime soon.

 It is just so perfect and beautiful.

Can you imagine little people living in there? 

I fully admit that I may just be odd...but I had to share this :)

Have you seen anything inspiring like this lately?




  1. Minpins would most definitely live there! Now I have been reminded about the Minpins... *wanders off to find a copy*

  2. What is a Minpin? I must go and find out! Thankyou for sharing them with me :)